Soulful Radio Network Spots

Spread the word about your Music or Business through our comprehensive and highly cost-effective Soulful Radio Spots from ONLY $4.90 a spot! Marketing and promotion works best and costs least when planned and prepared in advance. You can stretch your marketing budget by taking advantage of our Radio Spot Liner options below. Select your choice for an effective way to promote your Music or Business to our listeners directly.

Just provide via email brief information about your Music or Business that you would like mentioned.
Tell us what station/channel(1) and we will take care of the rest. It's that simple! Radio Liners
Number of Spots      Length of Liner                  Cost

50      30 Seconds $245
100      30 Seconds $445
200      30 Seconds $745
300      30 Seconds $1025
500      30 Seconds $1475

*Additional spots and multi station/channels packaged by request.

As an added Bonus the Soulful Radio Network Team will professionally produce your 25-30 sec promotional liner about your Music or Business for FREE! All radio spots are subject to availability and approval by the Soulful Radio Network Marketing Dept. You can send payment securely from any location worldwide using any major credit card or e-check via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to send a PayPal payment.

Soulful Radio Spot Packages

Frequency: A maximum of 50 liners will be broadcast in a 24 hour period.
For inquiries please contact:

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