SRN Artist Choice Direct Upload - Airplay You Control

Upload - Unlimited amount of your songs - Unlimited amount of Spins for your music!

Your world, Your songs, Your radio, Your way! Great music with variety selected by you...the Artist. Start today and signup for your SRN Artist Choice Direct Upload Pass today. Upload your 2 of your songs(mp3) with just one simple click along with Artists music download link and Artist facts for guaranteed airplay! There is NO LIMIT to the amount of songs you submit. Two(2) songs for each Direct Upload Pass. We want to hear it all. Global exposure to expand your fanbase.

It's best to upload songs that are recorded in high quality ("Radio Ready"). We will review your music for quality control and contact you within 24 hours to notify you regarding the status of your song. If necessary we may request that you upload additional material for review. Bam!! Instant Airplay! We will then play your song(s) and Soulful Radio listeners along with your current fans will have the chance to hear your music, instantly request your song, visit your website of choice and buy your music! All from our custom player.

SRN Artist Choice Bonus: Selected Song(s) will NEVER be deleted from our playlist and remain available on our playlist for continued unlimited airplay via Free Instant Request from your fans.
Get Started - Guaranteed Airplay

  • Minimum quality - 128K bitrate for MP3 music files only.
  • SRN Artist Choice Direct Upload Passes are nontransferable.

How It Works

Safely and securely signup free right here. After that, upload an 1-2 of your song(s) using the form provided. Begin spreading the word to your fans through Facebook, Twitter, social networks, email, etc. and tell them all about how they can instantly request your music on the Soulful Radio Network. Now you're well on your way to increasing your fanbase, plus you now have the added potential of our dedicated listeners buying your music after hearing you right here on the SRN. Get your music played on the #1 Indie Artists Radio Network. I'm ready!

What Else Do I Get?

Signup and join us at the Soulful Radio Network Community and create your Free account. Hang out, make friends and connections. Upload your music, photos, bio, videos and more to complete your profile. Be sure that you own the copyright of the song(s) you upload for airplay.

As an Artist and member of the Soulful Radio Network Community you have many tools available for promoting, marketing and selling your music after getting airplay. Here are just a few - Upload your MP3's, Videos, Gig/Event Calendar, Fans & Friends Accounts, Forum, Groups. Live Chat and so much more.

When Will My Music Be Played?

  • Once your song(s) is in rotation it will be weighted "medium".
  • When your song(s) is requested your song(s) weight rises.
  • The higher your songs weight the more spins it will receive.
  • All SRN Listeners can Instantly Request your song(s) up to 5 times per day(24hrs).
  • Playlist are posted 60 - 90 minutes in advance everyday all day for VIP listeners and Artists in the media player.
  • Previously played songs for the past 8 hours are posted for VIP listeners and Artists in the media player.

  • Get Started - Guaranteed Airplay